DC Pumps

FDC 5000 Pump


– Motor: 20W

– Rated Voltage: 12VMax Flow

– Rate: 12L/min

– Max Static Lift: 5M

– Impeller Type: Closed impeller

– Outlet: 10mm


Submersible DC Bilge Pump 5100L/hr

Voltage: 12W

Flow Max: 5100 L/H

Head Max: 6m

Current: 8.0A (amps)

Outlet: 25mm

– Cable: 3m

12 Volt DC 002 Bilge Pump


Voltage: 12V DC

Flow Rate: (2.4L/min)

Pressure:  35psi (2.4bar)

Current: 1.6Amps @ 0.7bar

– Built in thermal protector

– Sealed Pressure Switch and Motor

– Low noise while operating

– Acid and Alkali corrosion resistant

– Plug-in port fittings for easy installation

– Sealed pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump when discharge valve is opened

– Low amp draw for battery powered aplication.

– Soft compliant Santoprene mounting system.

– Max. water temp: 52 degree celcius.

– Operates 45mins on and 15mins off.