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IMEON 3.6 is the ideal solution for all solar energy systems (Smart-Grid / Back-up / Off-Grid / On-grid). IMEON 3.6 manages different sources of energy (Solar, Batteries, Grid) and thanks to its integrated microprocessor, IMEON orients energy according to the production conditions and the consumption needs for most optimal performance.

IMEON 3.6 adapts to all installation types/ self-consumption with or without storage, isolated sites or grid-tied sites, selling the totality of the solar production or only the solar surplus, uninterrupted power supply (UPS / Back-up).

Technical Specs
Nominal output power 3000 W
Maximum output power 6000 W*
AC voltage (input & output) 230 Vac (±15%) / 50 Hz (±5%)
Nominal output current 13 A
Maximum output current 26 A*
Feed in to grid Programmable (yes by default)
Energy consumption Programmable priorities (PV / Storage / Grid)
Maximum input power 3150 W
Start-up voltage 150 V
Number of MPPT inputs 1
MPPT voltage range 120V – 450V
Maximum input current 18A
Maximum input voltage 510V
Maximum efficiency DC to AC : >95,5% (94,5% EU)
Solar production use Programmable priorities (PV / Storage / Grid)
DC voltage 48 Vdc
Maximum current 80 A
Maximum load current 25 A
Type of batteries Gel, AGM
Charging curve 3-phase (Bulk / Absorption / Float)
Maximum efficiency PV to battery : >94% / Battery to AC : >93%
Battery charge Programmable (threshold / timing range via AC Grid
Battery discharge Programmable ( 2 thresholds according to grid availability)

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Dimensions (w x h x d in mm) 540 x 440 x 135
Protection category IP 20
Weight 18 Kg
Connectivities TL (transformless)
Connectors USB / Modbus / Ethernet-IP (option)
Conditions of use Humidity level: 5 to 90% without condensation
T°C : 0 à + 50°C, degressive power >40°C (15w/°C)
Standards EN 62109-2 / EN 62109-1 / EN 62040-1
DIN V VDE V 0126-1-1 (+VFR2013) / VDE-ARN-N 4105 / DIN VDE V 0124-100
Warranty 5 years / Extensions to 10 years (optional)

*Maximum possible overload power with grid activated. Refer to installation manual.


Of French design, IMEON smart inverters incorporates a high level of quality to ensure installation and maintenance safety.

IMEON conforms to International and European Standards (CE), and is guaranteed for 5 years with a possible extension to 10 years.