Flat plate collectors are time tested and reliable. Evacuated tubes are more popular because the vacuum in the glass tube retains more heat and has a round surface, making it more efficient for west facing roofs than flat plate collectors.

Flat plat collectors are extremely efficient facing north and it doesn’t matter which collector to you chose when you have a direct north orientation. You just have to juggle the idea whether you would like to have tubes on your roof and compare the pro’s and con’s to a flat plate collector.

Even though Evacuated tube collectors have a different design and are more innovative, this does not necessarily make them a better product. Africa has enough sun for flat plat collectors to do the same job as Evacuated tubes

With rising electricity costs set to increase by an average of 25% per annum, going solar is the best option to invest in considering price hikes. Another way to understand the financial rewards is to take into account inflation. With extra bucks in your bank account, home owners with solar can to a degree beat inflation. Isn’t that nice? Just as an equity savings fund, solar can also be a great investment with long term savings. money rands